Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pictures of concentration!

More on the "Art in Action" weekend. Just received these official shots done on the day by a much better photographer than me.
Thought I'd share.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Invitation with edge

Silver Award: Caples New York
Special Honours: BEST ART DIRECTION. RSVP Awards
Agency: Clemenger Design Wellington
Client: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Advertiser Campaign Credits: Peter Biggs - Managing Director; Anna Robertson - Account Manager
Agency Campaign Credits: Bruce Hamilton - Creative Director; Dianne Fuller - Designer
Stephen Fuller - Illustrator (Stephen Fuller Ltd)
Entry Rationale: "This project started as a simple invitation to clients, potential clients, business influencers and the media in Wellington. It quickly became an outstanding piece of Direct marketing.
The reason we think that this entry deserved an RSVP award is that the Edge "Dress" invitation became more than just a traditional invitation to a corporate event. The dress invitation was a sensational hit in its own right, inspiring people to RSVP, resulting in record attendance to the show. The "dress" became a valuable and high profile tool for our promotion.
The dress invitation became a talking point with guests and caused many office squabbles and email questions from people when delivered. Everyone wanted to 'own' their own dress, people hung them in their offices, the Wellington Poetry Society auctioned three dresses, the star of the show took seven dresses back to New York, dresses adorned the Circa Theatre.
This is quoted from editorial on this RSVP Honour, and as Dianne probably wouldn't post this herself, ( too modest!) I am posting it because I am incredibly proud of her achievements, not just this one but others in the past. But for those that don't know anything about the reason for this invitation, I shall do my best to explain. Peter and Mary Biggs viewed the One woman show about Sylvia Plath called "Edge" in New York and were so impressed they brought the show out to Wellington's Circa Theatre for a limited season. The invitation was for the opening night as explained. Sylvia Plath was a fragile woman and poet, very much in love with her husband who didn't return that love, was a published poet himself, and a womaniser who ended up having an affair. All set in the 50s, Sylvia ended up destroying much of her work and committing suicide, leaving two young children behind. Dianne has used the fragility of the Paper Doll Dress in the 50s style to portray the woman, and the added bonus of being life-sizd for the impact of the tragedy. I say well done and congratulations to all involved and especially Dianne.

Karori Rip

Anyone that has recently travelled between Wellington and Picton on the Interislander "Kiataki" and spent their time in the Bar on board, will recognise the picture. "The Karori Rip". I was commissioned to paint this large sign plus two other smaller signs above the entrance doors. They are painted in Acrylic and distressed and aged, reminiscent of early New Zealand sign-writing. The Bar, previously decked out in Irish Decor, has been changed to have a New Zealand feel. " Karori Rip" is a famous rip tide situated in the Cook Strait which can cause a washing machine action for boats if caught in it, and can slow the time of passage accordingly. Timing your crossing to not be caught in this rip can of course speed your trip and make it a bit more comfortable.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A pleasant suprise today!

I received a call from Mark Forgan, Creative Director of Clemenger BBDO Wellington who has just been in Melbourne presenting a campaign idea for Dulux Australia to Clemenger there. The Key frame TVC illustrations I did for this presentation were so well received that Clemenger Melbourne want copies to frame and hang on their walls and also my details have been forwarded to fingers crossed, I may well get work out of Melbourne after this. I can't post the pictures themselves at this stage as the campaign is current but I will be able to post them here or on my illustration site when or if they reach the public domain.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Art in Action Weekend 29 April 2006

This picture shows my setup in the corner of Philosophy House before the public arrived. A good weekend except for the weather. People had interesting questions with a lot of interest shown in the Stamp series I have done. The painting on the easel is further ahead at the time of posting but still not finished. I didn't manage to complete a lot on the weekend but the aim wasn't to complete it but have something interesting going on for the public. A harp maker and bone carver were the other occupants of my room so listening to harp music both days was really nice and the bone carver drew a large crowd. I hung 22 paintings within the complex as did the other Artists, but failed to sell any .... I think people came to view artist technique rather than buy, at least that's what I'm telling myself! Still a great weekend... I would do it again if the opportunity arose.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Beginning the Blog

I was unsure whether to start a Blog now as I already run two web sites showing my work, and Both of these have been working really well re my business but to have a site where I can simply post items of interest could be a lot of fun... so here goes!!