Friday, May 26, 2006

Karori Rip

Anyone that has recently travelled between Wellington and Picton on the Interislander "Kiataki" and spent their time in the Bar on board, will recognise the picture. "The Karori Rip". I was commissioned to paint this large sign plus two other smaller signs above the entrance doors. They are painted in Acrylic and distressed and aged, reminiscent of early New Zealand sign-writing. The Bar, previously decked out in Irish Decor, has been changed to have a New Zealand feel. " Karori Rip" is a famous rip tide situated in the Cook Strait which can cause a washing machine action for boats if caught in it, and can slow the time of passage accordingly. Timing your crossing to not be caught in this rip can of course speed your trip and make it a bit more comfortable.


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