Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Latest self Portrait

Self explanatory. Just me in pensive mood! Oil on canvas, BIG! 91cm x 121cm and for sale should you like a portrait of me!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's about time!!

Can't believe it was last May for the last posting. The rest of 2007 was a blur. However I'll try and give a quick catchup. Lots of work for both Di and I has gone under the bridge... some really nice projects with satisfying results. I moved out of Ghuznee street and now work from home. This has cut huge expenses off Rent and transport running costs, the only drawback is it's only me, Axle the dog and Tiggi the cat at home so a little lonely at times. However I've been to busy to even worry about this. I've joined the gym in Porirua and I get out for coffee with a couple of the neighbour then there's always the Blogger, Facebook, Skype and e-mail to keep me in touch.
We've had a few good holidays away, Waihi early January 2008 for 4 days with the Prossers from Melbourne. Bought a double Kayak in Matamata on the way up! the best impromptu purchase we've made according to Di. It's had so much use over the Summer and living so close to the Porirua harbour and estuary we can easily just decide to go for a paddle. We went down to Nelson late January. Went with the car and Kayak on the Ferry. Great crossings both ways... very calm. Paddled around in some beautiful water down there, great weather and nice and hot. The latest holiday which Di had to take or lose the leave owing, was to the Bay of Islands this May just past. Great time again, took the Kayak up there with us and put it in the water 5 times. Wetsuits this time as it was getting a little colder. Temperatures in the late teens early twenties, so not to bad. We did quite a bit of driving and sightseeing around the coast roads and it wasn't until I got back here to Wellington that I found out I was breaking on rivets.... and here I thought a stone had got flicked into the disk brakes!! duh! All fixed now $500 later.
Here I'm going to post the collaborative paintings that Di and I have done to date. Should have enough together for a show soon. Anyway here's a sneak preview.